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    Can somebody tell me where these live?

    In general I can run my Commodore 64 games very nicely (albeit with sclerotic load times), and am running two old Atari joysticks using a USB adapter/splitter. The main irritation I’m having is in having to reconfigure the VICE settings every time I play…well, PARTIALLY. Saving the settings does broadly work, except for the fact that one of my two joysticks always starts out with the fire button activating the VICE config menu rather than operating as a proper in-game fire button.

    This means that every time I load up a new game to play, I have to go through the menus to set the fire button for that joystick, which is a bit of a pain. Does anyone know why this is? I was wondering if I could just set some config file directly, but can’t find where that file might be.

    Also (related): is there a way to access the VICE menu using the keyboard? Once I’ve remapped that fire button, I seem to lose any way of accessing the VICE configuration. When I was using a PS3 controller instead there would always be at least one of the buttons that appeared to be mapped to launching the VICE menu, which was a pain in some ways because it would often happen in the middle of a game unexpectedly, but at least the option was there.

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