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    i got a Pi 3 board and installed Retropie during this weekend. Installed roms etc, got past few glitches with wiki help and now have a working system. Except for the following issues which i’m still trying to solve

    1. Connecting a second PS3 controller via BT freezes the system when launching any game. Using same controller with usb connection works ok. I’ve searched the forums and many others reported the same, was wondering if there’s any fix for that.

    Or, if anyone is using wireless controllers with dongle, are you facing the same issue when two controllers are connected?

    2. Most Amiga games don’t take same screen space, but run in smaller size. I set the display size to max (720×576 if i recall well), but i still have large borders on all sides. Any ideas?

    3. I installed KODI following the Retropie wiki page, installed plugins etc. All working ok, using the keyboard. Problem is, when i exit KODI i get a black screen and can’t do anything after that. I’ve read numerous threads and there’s tons of scripts and stuff to try, but is there a sure working solution for Retropie? At least, a way to reboot the system without unplugging it?

    Thanks in advance


    1) the threads about this bluetooth issue are still active over the last day, so why not look in them? dongles apparently work – it’s the onboard which is the problem, which is all in the main thread: https://www.petrockblock.com/forums/topic/regular-freezes-with-raspberry-23/


    I have the same problems! Can you tell me if the rice n64 plugin does not work in your pi?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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