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    I want to start out by saying I am completely new to linux. I bought the raspberry pi as something to do to keep occupied and introduce my daughter to games.

    I successfully have retropie running with 2 wiimotes and after a ton of searching started using a terminal program called scanmem to cheat in games to allow my daughter to play. (She is only 3).

    Seems how I had no luck on the topic searching when I would search about retropie and it’s emulators with cheats, I just wanted to share my experience with anyone else looking for something that was actually pretty simple.

    All this requires is
    sudo apt-get install scanmem

    It is then very easy to do things like making sure sonic never loses all of his coins. It’s also very easy to make fun little bugs in something like super mario world where Mario rides an invisible yoshi around and cannot die.

    To run scanmem I use a terminal app on my phone. During the initial variable lookup you will make the emulator hang until it’s complete. After that it’s as simple as updating the search on the fly with minimal resources and even setting variables to change at certain intervals like every 1 second turning a variable to 50 which could be the amount of coins or a certain flag to be kept at 1 which could be Mario riding Yoshi.

    I really don’t know where to start as far as helping people that are interested in learning it, or if it should just be common sense. So if you can’t get to where I have by this topic just leave a reply. I’ll be glad to go into detail to the best of my ability. I’m a complete noob though, I did manage to figure all of this out.

    If there are any advanced ways to use this program I’d love to know about it. I currently only know how to ctrl+z to stop the process and run a new one to switch between multiple instances and variables if I want to hack multiple things. That command itself though can sometimes cause retroarch to lag until you do the “fg” foreground command to do whatever it is doing to release a bug it can create.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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