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    I like to use overlay option in retroarch to display nice borders when i play 4:3 games on my 16:9 TV.
    I was playing street fighter third strike in fba libretro core, it runs full speed at 60 FPS on my Rpi2, even with a simple scanline shader, but when I activate overlay it drops at 48 FPS!
    My overlay is just basically an image, how can it have an impact on emulation performances?

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    because it is liking engaging the gfx processing to simply display that image. it isn’t just loading up an image like your web browser does. its creating a video service most likely and using that to display that image. the size of the image and resolution of the output is like a contributing factor here

    thats how :)

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    Okay, I had no idea how that worked, thanks a lot.
    Guess i’ll have to wait for a Pi with a better GPU then…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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