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    I’m relatively new to this project, but recently purchased an iPAC2 USB controller running Emulation Station and Retropie. I have two problems that I would like some advice please:

    1. (MAME for all) For some reason buttons 5 and 6 (Player 2) don’t work on 6 button games like SF2. FYI, All 6 buttons work fine on Player 1. I’ve read somewhere that there could be a conflict with the hotkeys?, but have no idea how to get into this feature?. I have the latest version of Retropie.

    2. Player 2 doesn’t acknowledge on most of the consoles i.e. SN and Megadrive.

    FYI I was looking for a non programming project so I don’t have much knowledge on programming pi’s, but happy to learn a few lines if it will help resolve this issue.

    My iPAC2 is set to the default keys i.e. buttons 5 and 6 are currently set to buttons ‘I’ and ‘K’

    Appreciate any help here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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