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    Why can’t we have a system where users upload their emu configuration for a specific rom, and all other users are let to vote on the configurations.

    Then we could just download the configurations for all the roms we have any enjoy perfect emulation.

    I just finished configurating Ocarina of Time, with at least 20 tweaks to make perfect on RPI2 with 3.6. I just do not want to go through all other 200.

    Please make an “AppStore” for emu configurations…

    Thank you!


    + 1 ^^^^


    too many files involved IMO. tweaks to e.g. zelda could stretch across 5+ different config files, and several of which would then affect other games. plus you’d surely end up bringing in changes you don’t necessarily want.

    better to document tweaks in the forum/wiki so we can understand what does/doesn’t work, and maybe lobby for changes to the emulators/retropie so that manual changes aren’t required.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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