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    Ok, so here’s the deal leading to my question;

    I set up Retropie on my Pi 2. Did the whole USB rom tranfer thing. Everything works beautifully! I did some custom controller configurations for 2 button systems since I use an Xbox 360 controller.

    I set up another Retropie for a friend. Since there was an SD card size difference I couldn’t make a 1:1 copy so I decided to do everything the long way, no big deal. Although now I notice that I’d have to redo all the custom controller configs.

    I noticed this;

    On the USB stick that I used to transfer roms which I also used on my friend’s Pi has a config folder containing “from_retropie” and “to_retropie” folders. I noticed that the custom configurations that I made were in the from, so I moved them to the to, inserted it into my friend’s Pi, and go figure all the custom configs moved over as I thought they would which is saving me a ton of time.

    My question is;

    There is no documentation or discussion on these folders that are made on the USB stick. What is the function and how does it work. More so what triggers the config folder to copy onto the USB stick? Does the OS detect a change in size for the individual console retroarch.cfg and automatically copy them into the from folder? I’m just curious how to trigger the copying from Retropie so that I don’t accidentally copy default configs over my custom ones.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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