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    I manage to configure my playstation 2 controller with a converter into the raspberry pie. The only problem that I’m having is that when I connect my gamecube controller with its usb converter the configuration file for the playstation gets erase. I try reconfiguring the playstation controller again with retroarch and both the gamecube and playstation retroarch files don’t get erase. I setup the hotkeys for my playstation and gamecube controllers, each on their individual files. For some odd reason only the playstation hotkeys work. When I connect only the gamecube controller it works but the hotkeys don’t work. When I connect the playstation controller the hotkeys and everything work. What is also weird is that I try different snes multiplayer games and only the playstation controller seems to work. If exit out and try only the gamecube controller it works, but if connect the playstation controller it recognizes the controller but it doesn’t work for the second player. The hotkeys for the gamecube controller don’t work regardless if I’m playing single player as the playstation controller do.
    Any help will be appreciated thanks.
    Also when I create the playstation file, the file says it has root permission when the others just say pie.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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