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    Firstly just installed RetroPie and it is fantastic!

    Unfortunately I’ve had problems running N64 games (blank screen – exits) and read on the forum that an update to 2.4.2 might be better.

    Can someone tell me how to do this please? Currently on 2.3


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    please take a look at this page:

    please remember that it is still in beta!!!!

    also remember that n64 emulation is still really bad, not a fault of retropie but likely the emulator or the pi’s limitations

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    Thanks, best to stick with 2.3 then?

    The link looks like I need to reinstall, was hoping I could update through command line somehow, but no worries, thanks!

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    I just updated to 2.42 and was attempting to get the n64 emulator to work but even with over clocking it still lagged a ton and crashed my pi. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the raspberry pi just lacks the processing power necessary for smooth emulation of the n64.
    As fr as other issues with 2.4.2, for some reason in my case the psx games all crash after 1 minute even with the proper bios, so hopefully that issue will be fixed. Other than that I’ve been really impressed with the update- scummvm got some much needed improvements. Its scripted to add your games to emulation station when you populate them in the GUI as well as has controller controls rather than requiring a mouse. The home terminal incorporated a temperature guage on the central processor and now it’s easier to emulate on more than one version of an emulator. All in all I’ve been pretty impressed with the update, its definitely worth checking out.

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    I am going to try again with the latest 2.4 image, but the first one did not work for me. Everything was really slow, exiting a game seemed to take forever. The 2.3 image is lightning fast on my setup compared to the 2.4 image. Not sure why though. Anyone else have this issue?

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