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    I’ve noticed that a few games in mame are running in tiny boxes in the middle of my screen, but that doesn’t match my calculations as to what they should be able to run at, using an integer scale.

    eg, donpachi is a vertically oriented raster resolution game – 240 x 320. my screen is 1080p (1920 x 1080), so with integerscaling on I would expect it to use a 720 x 960 resolution (each native pixel is 3×3 pixels, but instead it seems to be running in 480 x 640:

    [attachment file=”FullSizeRender.jpg”]

    my screen has a black bezel you can’t quite see in that picture, but it’s under 1 inch (screen is 40″).

    i created a little mockup image of the possible scaled images:

    [attachment file=”integerscalingzoom.gif”]

    note: i created an overscan in the boot.config, and i’ve not set a specific resolution for the emulator to run in (not sure what it defaults to – seems to be 1080p based on the brief view of the terminal whilst it’s loading. other FBA games seem to take up almost all the screens – eg all fighting games i’ve tried.

    any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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