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    I have two SNES USB Controllers running on an R-Pi 2 with version 2.6 RetroPie. Both controllers function as they should (using this config — However, in Super Mario World, the P1 controller functions fine. When it comes for P2 to play, the controller doesn’t gain function until it’s in a map. That is, the P1 controller has to be used to navigate P2 (Luigi) to the map that you want to play. Once I click A (on P1 controller) to enter the map, the P2 controller gains control, and it works flawlessly until it’s P1’s turn again. I know it may not make a whole lot of sense. If it’s not understandable, I can take a video of it after work.

    This is a separate issue, but on Super Mario Bros 3, on NES, P1 and P2 are reversed. Is this a config issue?

    I saw a post on here suggesting to use a different emu — is that the only work around? Does the BETA 2 work better?


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    It probably wouldn’t hurt to try another emulator and see if that changes anything. That way it will narrow down if it is really an emulator issue or a controller issue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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