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    Ok, so I’m using two wired Xbox 360 controllers for the retropi- and without any setting up, I can play two player games just by plugging in a second controller.
    Except there’s one big problem.
    The first player works perfectly. And with either controller- as long as the controller is playing as player 1, it’s fine.
    But whatever controller is player 2, it doesn’t work.
    Ok, it works a little, after trying basic configuration with both plugged in at once, the second player can do any action as long as it’s on the buttons. But the analogue sticks will not function, even after i configured them just like the buttons. However, occasionally the d-pad on the second controller works, but sometimes not. And I really want to use the analogue sticks.
    It’s not a controller issue, both work fine as player 1.
    If anyone has any idea what to do, I really need help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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