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    Hello, first I want to thank you all for this project.
    Iv’e been following the retropie forums for a while now, and i have found almost every answer to my problems. Almost all but this one>

    Im using Retropie Image 3.0 on a Model 2b Rpi. I have a JUYA0 DUAL Arcade Joysticks connected through usb, with 6 buttons. I used ‘usbquirks’ on the ‘cmdline’ to make it work (similar to the Xin mo Controller).

    I bough another illuminated button To add a dedicated “exit” button to my build. I connected the button’s microswitch to the controller board and it works fine.

    The Problem comes when i try to power the 12v bulb that’s inside the illuminated button. I connected the 5v pin and Grnd pin from the RPI to the bulbs contacts for power supply, it works, the button illuminates when i power the RPI. The problem is that retropie won’t boot up, it keeps resetting and trying to boot up again, on an endless loop. It has something to do with the power im giving the bulb, because as soon as I stop giving it power, the boot completes the process and Retropie starts normally.

    I tried giving it power through a USB cable, disarming the cable and using the power wires (red and Black), it didn’t work, no light in the bulb. But strangely, the same boot problem occurs, looping all the time, but without the bulb turned on.

    Do I Have to write some code for this button to be illuminated all the time?
    Is it a power supply problem? Do i have to buy a power supply with more AMp?
    Can the PI power an illuminated button while using retropie? or is it not possible?
    PLeas help me!

    Thank you all in advance for your answers.


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    You wouldn’t think there’d be an issue.. very strange. I don’t know if adding this to config.txt would help?


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    A 12V bulb, specially a filament light bulbs (old ones), drains too much power from the Pi. I asked my dad about it (he’s an electrical Engineer, duh!), he recommended changing the bulb to something that uses less current, so i changed the bulb to a 3v wide white led, and connected the 3v pin and grnd to supply power, works perfectly.

    I hope this thread help’s someone.


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    Yup, that’s what I was going to say. I’m running 8 illuminated buttons and an illuminated joystick from my Pi’s GPIO pins with no issues. LEDs are the only way to go unless you’re using a 12v power supply and taking 5v off it to power the Pi separately.

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