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    Hey folks. First, I’m using RetroPie 3.6 on a new RPi3. Having some trouble with EmulationStation recognizing inputs of my dualshock3 now that I finally got the bluetooth paired and working. During the configuration, the Button Up usually works for setting the D-pad up but after that, it’s really hit-or-miss on whether any other buttons will work.
    I’ve seen some mention of sixpair and sixad which I haven’t had to use, though I tried installing sixad and ran into an error (can’t remember right this second) when following the “make” procedure in this tutorial so I haven’t fully pursued that route. I skipped sixpair because it looked to me like it was for pairing (makes sense right?) the PS3 controller, which I got to work through bluetoothctl without it.
    Any ideas or insight would be helpful. Do I need to get both sixpair and sixad? Is there a premade config file I can stick somewhere that would work? I’m a linux noob so I’m not very experienced with commandline file editing/adding but I’m starting to get the hang of some of the commandline workings.
    I guess I can just use it wired (which works fine, btw) but the wireless appeal is so great and I feel like I am so close but just can’t quite get it right.

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    I noticed the same issue after moving from RetroPie 3.5 on a RP2 to RetroPie 3.6 on a RP3.

    On the initial controller configuration screen, some buttons were completely ignored, while others weren’t. I mashed the controller buttons and couldn’t see a pattern as to which buttons were getting ignored.

    This may need some attention.

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