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    Pi Model: 2
    RetroPie Version Used: 3.0.0 Beta 2
    Built From: SD Image
    USB Devices connected: keyboard
    Controller used: none yet
    Error messages received: blank screen
    Guide used:

    Hello, first time post here. I’ve been following the guide to the letter, as this is my first time trying this project. I lost the ability to launch roms after installing the PiTFT due to an error(partially my fault). At the end, it mentions to edit the to add a DMT-87 mode in order to prevent from switching the HDMI resolution. First off, I was using the 3.0.0 Beta2, so there is no get_mode() function in I improvised and added it anyways in the get_parameters() function. This was my error, as I should have just skipped the step and not added it anywhere. If you add the line, it results in a blank screen on the PiTFT and you can’t do anything. I experimented with a lot of settings and moving that line in a few places before realizing that I should just delete it and try it out. Just posting this so it could help someone not waste a couple hours like I did, or maybe it should be added to the guide. I haven’t tested it any further than launching a couple roms, but for now I’m just assuming that the latest beta doesn’t require us to add that line.

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    I thought I’d added the DMT-87 into my but looking at it it’s not there, so I guess you’re right.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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