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    I have a question or 2 on this new 7″ touch screen for the Pi.

    1. Can the PowerBlock be used with this?
    2. Can a USB NES controller work or do you HAVE to use the touch screen? I’d like to think it would work all the same but I’m just hoping some has some experience with it.

    Thanks all.


    Sorry to add on to this, but have you had any luck actually getting the 7″ to display?
    I can only get hdmi out, even following


    I didn’t buy it yet. I was hoping to get some answers before I commit.


    i have the official 7inch screen, but did not test touch inside emulators never used it nor needed it. I did test latest scummvm (1.8) on raspbian on pi2 with the screen attached and touch does not work there. Display works fine for the rest as well, i think i tested it with retropie 3.5 on a Pi2, a PI3 should not be diffrent.

    pitft is not the official screen and i think OP was refering to the official one, if not i’m using the official one.

    Screen works fine in raspbian as well but you’ll need an updated image or update it yourselve before using it.


    I don’t really want it as a touch screen.
    I think I want a smaller one anyway. Like the 3.2″.
    I’m still thinking about it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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