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    I’ve recently set up RetroPie and have been using it with a pair of wireless Dualshock3 controllers, and one problem I have is that because I don’t turn off the Pi, the controllers will stay linked until they run out of battery. Has anyone figured out a way to check controllers for inactivity and kill the Bluetooth connection after a set amount of time?

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    hold your PS button for 5 seconds, the controller will shut off and the bluetooth dongle will get back to pscan state.

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    In addition, have a look in /var/lib/sixad/profiles. There will be a file in there called default, and possibly other(s) with the MAC addresses of your controller(s). If you edit these files with a text editor, you can set the amount of time before the controller powers off. The line you need to add (or change, if it’s already there) is this:

    enable_timeout 5

    Just replace the number with the number of minutes of inactivity you want before the controller shuts off – I usually use 5.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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