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    I really don’t want to spend too much money on a controller. Would this one work? If not, what cheap controllers (~$10) would be best for RetroPie?

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    I can’t say whether or not that one will work, but I use this ( They are actually cheaper now, $15 for two is a great deal. They are well made, and I highly recommend them, but there are two caveats. One, the d-pad (which is actually four separate buttons) is okay, but the buttons are pretty stiff. It takes some getting used to. Also, there are no dedicated “start” or “select” buttons. Because of the number of buttons on the controller, this is no issue, just map them to whatever buttons are not being used for whichever system (every system has at least two unused buttons).

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    I use the exact controllers the OP posted a link to. They register as “Dragonrise inc.” controllers. They’re not easy to configure (particularly the analog stick), but with a bit of patience you can get them to work very well. ;)

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