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    I’m not sure how much in depth modification the RP fork of Retropie is but there is a feature I am dying for. It kills me that there is only meta-data for one image, so I can’t do cool things like have hyperspin style titles under over screenshots and stuff like that.

    Now adding a new metadata tag for more images would be it’s own nightmare — there would need to be more in depth scraping options. So forget all that.

    I wanna be able to put a variable in a path for an image like ./art/%romname%.png or maybe even %gamename% (which would help dodge inconsistent rom names) or %genre% or whatever other metadata. A lot could be done with just that feature I think and saves me trying to figure out a good image magick script to run over thousands of images to compose them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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