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    I use a hard drive 500GB 3.5 SATA USB for Raspberry Pi 2. I ask these questions.

    1. Is it possible to load games on the hard disk and hindfoot 3 we accept it?

    2. The difference between speed when loading games from MicroSD and the hard drive is remarkable?

    3. Is it worth introduce games output to the hard drive? (I’m posting the largest number of games and consoles there as much space, I prefer the hard drive).

    Warm regards.

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    I use berryboot 2.0. Everything goes on the hard drive except the boot data.

    Harddirve is much faster than the SD card.

    I have all 2000+ mame games, 1200 psx games, All the Snes and All the Nes collections on the harddrive and no problems. Still loading more from my main arcade.

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    Thank you very much for the clarification. I’ve been looking online and NOOBS is being used more and is official.
    The downside, it takes more memory NOOBS the berrybot 2.0.
    Greetings To You.

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