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    So im new to Retropie but have been using retroarch for over a year now and was a bit surprised at some of the choices of emulators that have been used in Retropie. Now this might be down to comparability issues, i doubt RPi2 has enough beans to run bsnes for example but im want to used the best emulators possible. The following as what i believe to be the best emulators BUT might not run perfectly on the RPi2 i want to add them to find out….

    MegaDrive/Mastersystem/Sega CD/GameGear – Genesis_Plus_GX
    Sega 32x – Picodrive
    NES – FCEUmm
    Gameboy – gambatte
    SNES – snes9x_next
    GBA – vba_next
    N64 – mupen64plus
    PSX – beetle_psx
    Atari Lynx – handy
    Atari Jaguar – virtualjaguar
    PCE – mednafen_pce_fast
    3DO – 4do

    Now i can get nightly builds of the cores for Android devices from here….

    are these compatible with the RPi and Retropie?

    How do i go about adding these to Retropie/EmulationsStation, where the folder that holds all the cores and once added how to i get EmulationStation to list them?

    Any help would be much appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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