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    Is there a program to just let you test the ControlBlock button inputs? Mine is hooked up, EmulationStation sees two controllers, but there is no response whatsoever to any inputs from the joystick nor buttons that I have hooked up. They are wired correctly. (I used to build UL508 certified industrial control enclosures.)


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    Everything after the hyphen is an explanation

    cd /dev – devices
    cd input
    ls -lah – lists all devices connected to the system
    jstest and the device name, i.e., js0 or the full path from anywhere else /dev/input/js0

    The -lah means

    -l long format, displaying Unix file types, permissions, number of hard links, owner, group, size, last-modified date and filename
    -a lists all files in the given directory, including those whose names start with “.” (which are hidden files in Unix). By default, these files are excluded from the list.
    -h print sizes in human readable format

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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