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    Hi everyone!

    I currently have my raspberry pi setup as a retro gaming console via retropie. That being said, every time I power on the system, the only input the system has is the two game controllers, since I only need to scroll through the menus in emulationstation.

    However, when I am done playing games and wish to power down it seems as though there is no way to properly power down using only the two controllers as input, and I am forced to unplug one of the controllers and plug in my wireless keyboard, press F4 to reach the terminal an issue the following shutdown commands,

    `sudo shutdown -h now

    Is there a solution for this so that I don’t have unplug one of my controllers and plug in a usb keyboard each time I wish to shut the system down?

    Would it be possible use this using some sort of button combination to activate a shutdown script? Or perhaps a shutdown or reboot option could be added somewhere within one of the menus within emulationstation.

    Please let me know if you have found any ways of doing this, or if you have any suggestions for a creative and convenient work-around.

    Thanks again!


    You can shutdown the RPi via the menu of Emulation Station.


    Hi petrockblog!

    Where exactly in the emulationstation menu can you authorize a shutdown?

    Thanks again!


    The emulationstation menu has “shutdown” as an option which executes a command to halt the system with the following command:
    sudo shutdown -h now


    Do you have your controllers key bound to emulationstation ? You’ll need to have a menu button mapped in order to do this.

    You can delete your input config file and remap with only the Controllers.


    Where do I find the input config file to remap the controllers. (sorry, I’m a noob here).

    I’d like to map the L2 or R2 buttons of a gamepad to bring up the menu, but getting stuck on how to do that.

    Currently, I have to unplug a controller and plug in a keyboard in order to accomplish this.


    You’ll find es_input in /home/pi/.emulationstation/

    You need to have this line in es_input:
    <input name=”menu” type=”button” id=”5″ value=”1″ />

    You’ll need to replace the id value (currently 5) with a value that corresponds to the button on your gamepad.

    After you set this line restart Emulation Station.


    Hi! I’m interested by the last reply. If I want to press Start AND L2 AND R2 to bring up the menu, what do I have to write?


    Does anyone know if there a way to get the “shutdown system” option in the first menu window? Or how to map “sudo shutdown -h now” to a button or combo of buttons?


    [quote=85728]Does anyone know if there a way to get the “shutdown system” option in the first menu window? Or how to map “sudo shutdown -h now” to a button or combo of buttons?[/quote]

    anyone? or maybe how to change menu in emulationstation?


    It appears for me when i press Start on my controller.


    Like Floob said,
    When you configure your gamepad when starting Emulation Station it’ll be setup. just be sure it’s connected when you boot and ES automatically recognises it. You have to press some buttons and the configuration is saved to control ES.

    I’ve got some aftermarket snes USB controllers, and here the menu you’re looking for appears by pressing start button also by default.

    Then you can quit ES ( to command line ) , reboot your system, or, shutdown ES. In the last case your Pi will shutdown like it should.

    Hope this somewhat helps or clarify things…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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