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    In my opinion the ROM system folder names and System order in the EmulationStation config could use a little scoping:

    1. I think it might make a little more sense to use a name scope for rom folders like… [brand-system]

    • arcade-mame
    • atari-2600
    • atari-lynx
    • nintendo-gb
    • nintendo-gba
    • nintendo-nes
    • nintendo-snes
    • sega-md
    • sega-genesis
    • sega-mastersystem
    • sony-psx
    • sony-psp

    etc.. [see attached]

    This way things line up a little better.

    I think the ES config should be set up the same way so the Nintendo systems are all together as well as NEC, Sega, Bandai, etc.

    Also, I think it would be awesome if there was a way to show/hide systems via the UI. I find myself having to edit the ES config after every update because it rewrites the config to default. I just want to use ES as a console emulator system so I don’t need Mac/ PC, SCUMVM, etc. I have to comment out lines int he config all the time.

    Finally, I store all of my ROMs on an external USB drive so everytime I have to start over with a new RP image I don’t have to spend hours re-uploading my GBs of roms. I would be great if there was a way to either set the path to each console rom folder (so we can have a more scoped rom folder name system as mentioned above) or set a default path to look for the rom folders.

    Maybe there could be a config override option so I can have my own path/order overrides in an XML file that never gets touched on update?

    Maybe there’s an even simple way to do all of this?


    i like your naming conventions, but i guess it would break everyone’s existing directory structure during an update?

    i think your UI issues are already logged against the emulation station github project, along with a lot of other things!

    i store all my roms on a USB stick – i don’t ever transfer them to the sd card that retropie is on, i just turn off the usb service and then either:
    – symlink the directories
    – or change the emulation station ‘es_systems.cfg’ file to point to the USB drive

    this requires some command line work. it’d be great if the UI/emulationstation could set this up, but i’m not sure what that would look like.


    We did a massive reorganisation from 2.6 to 3.0 – there is no will to do another I’m afraid. Also where there is a single console it might not look as pretty “gce-vectrex” etc.

    Anyway, whether it’s an improvement or not I am afraid it isn’t going to happen at least any time soon. sorry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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