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    I thought i would have all the roms in lettered subfolders to keep the gamelist shorter. All A-games in subfolder A etc…

    It works.. kind of. Some games work there others don’t. I just found out when i wanted to play some Bobble bobble. None of the versions would start. Mame just exited with a message that several roms were missing. But i KNEW i had it working on my old Pi (the same versions)..

    So i mved the roms back to the root folder. There they work. So i guess i have to move all my roms to the root again.

    Why is it like this??


    I dont know which emulator you are running, but with roms like Bobble Bobble (which is a clone) it needs the parent rom (which is bubble bobble).
    Then the emulator you use probably looks at its config to check where the roms are, and it is directed to the main folder, and of course the parent rom is no longer there.

    You could get around this by using clrmamepro to roll the required roms into each clone (or just use parents and get rid of clones).

    Non-Merged Sets means that all games, including clones, have all the data needed to run copied into their zipfiles.
    Merged Sets means that there’s only one zipfile for each family, with the clones moved in with the parents.
    In practice everyone uses Split Sets, which keeps parents and clones in separate zipfiles without duplicating the redundant parent data.



    Sorry i meant Bubble Bobble the original.
    I am running the v3 beta image of retropie.
    And all roms in mame4all folder.

    I thought it read the roms without specific paths. That it loaded from the folder it was in.


    Are you sure its a parent rom?
    Check this:

    I’m saying if its a clone, it will need to read additional zip files.

    Whats an example of a game that works in your setup?


    I have found out that all roms work in main folder, originals and clones.
    None work in subfolders. Even clones with parents.

    I must have dreamt that some worked in subfolders, because now i can’t get a single one to start there.

    clrmamepro is really to complicated for me to start with now. I started with a Mame-0.37b5 set that is supposed to work with retropie. But there were so many that didn’t work, so i used that to build a new set with clrmamepro (after watching a video how to do it), but the result was an almost identical romset. Then i found in a forum someone who had made a set that worked in retropie and he posted the complete set. That is the one i am running now.
    But there are all clones also and i don’t want them.

    I just think mame overall is to complicated nowdays.
    Even setting up a vpin computer is much easier.


    Which version of RetroPie are you running?


    Sorry forgot that. I run the 3.0beta2 image on a PI2.
    So maybe i should not whine as it is beta ;)


    If you are using 3.0 beta 2, and want to use mame4all (which uses mame 0.37b5), the roms should go in here:

    You could strip the clones out if you like, I have attached a dat file for clrmamepro that just has the parent romsets (about 700) for that version.

    It really is worth the 30-60mins to run through the guide to understand how to verify romsets if you want to get arcade games working well.

    A guide is here:


    Thanks. I appreciate the dat file. Will try again.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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