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    RetroPie veteran here. I was just tinkering away on my new build tonight. RetroPie 3 on a Raspberry Pi 2. Everything has been going smoothly, but tonight I was working on changing the default svg for the 32X system and when I restarted…

    RetroPie splashscreen
    Emulation Station splashscreen
    RetroPie splashscreen again
    Back to emulation station splashscreen.. infinity

    In between splashscreens I get a brief glimpse of a message “/usr/bin/emulationstation: line 20: 2327 Segmentation fault $es_bin “$@”

    Which just sounds like its failing to launch Emulation Station

    I was getting a few other strange messages at first about not being able to write to the FBA gamelist.xml and a problem with the fds gamelist.xml. This is weird to me because I don’t have any games for either of those systems at the moment.

    Here are the last few lines of my es_log.txt

    lvl2: Parsing XML file “/home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/sg-1000/gamelist.xml”…
    lvl1: System “sg-1000” has no games! Ignoring it.
    lvl2: Parsing XML file “/home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/snes/gamelist.xml”…
    lvl1: File “”/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/Super Metroid Redesign.smc”” does not exist! Ignoring.
    lvl1: Unknown platform for system “vectrex” (platform “vectrex” from list “vectrex”)
    lvl2: Parsing XML file “/home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/vectrex/gamelist.xml”…
    lvl1: Unknown platform for system “videopac” (platform “videopac” from list “videopac”)
    lvl2: Pars

    …Just dies in the middle of initializing. I try to exit out of the loop with alt F4 but it’s not recognizing any keyboard commands really.

    It sounds like there’s some kind of corruption. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do from here? Seems like reinstalling ES from terminal might help, but I am not sure of a way to boot up directly into terminal cause im a nooby noob face.

    I’ve spent weeks meticulously arranging, scraping and organizing the build. I’d hate to have to start all over. One good thing, I can still FTP in during all the chaos and make backups, edit files, etc.

    Here’s a pic of my funtime errors:

    TL;DR – Made a file update now im stuck in a boot loop and can’t launch into ES

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    back up your theme, then delete it via ftp, then reboot via a terminal connection via yer computer

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    Thanks, Gonzo. That did the trick. There’s something funky with the way I’m creating my custom svg file.

    I appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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