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    hello all, thanks in advance for the help.
    have a weird issue (aren’t they all?)
    my config is RPi1 with 2 USB SNES controllers and latest version (3.4) of retropie
    all works fine EXCEPT controller stays “stuck” on last input in some SNES roms. some of my favorite of course (bomberman2, micro machines, connors tennis,..). by stuck, i mean if i press right and release, it will keep going right until i press another button.
    – controller works fine in menus
    – works fine in other emulators (atari2600, mame)
    – works fine with a bunch of snes roms (mario world, mariokart,..)
    – the problem disappears if i use pisnes instead of lr-pocketsnes. (though i get other button mapping issues)
    – tried other type of controllers and got the same issue (xbox)

    >> i could fix the mapping of buttons for pisnes and call it a day but it seems to not be as smooth as pocketsnes, screen is smaller, etc. so i’d rather get everything working on pocketsnes. anybody encountered this issue?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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