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    i’m thinking of upgrading my storage to an SSD!
    1) what info do i need to know? (how is it connected, housing etc)
    2) what are the recommended makes & models?


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    How are you going to hook it up? USB casing I guess? USB2 casings are cheap but perhaps one with its own power supply is worth it?

    I am a big fan of the Samsung Evo 850 series.

    Just out of curiosity: wouldn’t a large USB Stick (say 128GB) fit your needs? Much cheaper and drive performance is barely an issue in Retropie.

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    thanks for the reply,

    i actually already have 2 USB drives in my RetroPie a 64gb & a 128gb, but thats not enough at the moment

    i could get another 128gb but my mind keeps going back to SSDs

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    It is connected through a SATA cable to usb, ( And once plugged into pi, it will act as a big usb drive

    P.S If you attach a SSD like this, Put “usb max current = 1” so it will work properly.

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