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    Hey, so i have been having some difficulties with this and hoping someone has a simple solution that i haven’t stumbled across as of yet. i am playing a psx game and when i save it creates the SRM / STATE file as expected but i am not able to reload them after the pi has been restarted as though the file is not found. any thoughts? This does not appear to be related to other emulators, as far as i can tell they still function properly.

    i have attempted using states by wiring up select + L to load and select + r to save, again file is created but emulator will not find it after a restart.

    i have set the save interval to 5 thinking maybe that would make a difference but still no, especially since i have confirmed the file is created successfully and is still present at restart.

    right now i have the pi running and have my laptop hooked up via ftp to watch the file system.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    i have the same problem when i first started using the pxs emulator it worked fine i could save and reload games all day but then after a while it just stopped making the .srm files

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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