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    I just bought a raspberry pi 2 with all necessary to run retropi and play my favourite genesis game on my TV :-)

    Some Genesis Games don’t have specific regions (US, EUR, JAP) so when genesis plus core is set to “auto” it will run these game with a default region.

    I would like to create for one of the game 1 entry per region to run the game with the correct region (text in english or jap dependinf the region is set in the core) and at the correct speed 60 Hz or 50 Hz.

    I actually do that on my retroarch setting on my laptop and it work perefctly.

    For that i create one retroarch config file per region (genesis_plus_gx_core_auto, genesis_plus_gx_core_pal, genesis_plus_gx_core_ntsc_u, genesis_plus_gx_core_ntsc_j)

    So my question :
    Is it possible in retropie to specify for each game a specific launch command with a specific config file?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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