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    I would like to show you my retropie project. It’s a game cabinet with some shape of spacecraft.
    It’s designed to place under an ikea bed.
    Although I began it one year ago, it really took me about 6 month of work. I have got 2 children and, you know, the

    free time I have for these kind of projects is really limited.

    The objetives of this project are, besides of have a funy play time, teach my two young children some simple concepts:
    * basic on/off concept for switches
    * voltage messurement
    * complexity and time needed for this type of projects ( you can see the rear face of the frame )
    * history and evolution of videogames

    but, mainly because it has been really funny for me to make this ;-)


    Its brain is a rpi B model.The screen is an old lcd monitor.
    It has some buttons to control the lights, the power suplies, the computer and the screeen.
    There is a temperature sensor that run an alarm in case the machine reach a temperature.
    It has several voltmeters that show how the power supplies are working and a clock to avoid large playing sessions ;-)

    You can see the pictures of whole process in my goolge+ account


    Next steps,
    Add software functionality, maybe upgrade rpi2 in order to get more power for more complex emulators.Any other idea you could

    give me.


    RPI B, odroid c1, orangepi pc, arduino uno

    [attachment file=”Captura.JPG”]

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    I would think something like this would fit right in with the space theme and if you upgrade to the PI 2 you could use the other PI for this.


    Project looks awesome!

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    wow thats an amazing cab. i wish i had that as a kid lol

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    Tell me please! Is it possible to make so that when you press a certain button could disable right raspaberry. For example pushed the button and run the command “sudo shutdown -h now”?

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    At the moment the only way to shutdown the raspberry is with the emulationstation menu. I mean, with joystick and game buttons you select the option menu in the emulationstation to shutdown the system. There are also a button that turn off the current only to raspberry pi, but it is a little wild ;-). I think it could be a good idea to do a hardware button through the GPIO port to force a soft shutdown of the system. It could be useful for example when a game hang or is missconfigured and you can’t return to emultationstation menu. I’ll post it if I added this improvement. I hope it don’t become my children’s favourite button! ;-)

    Something like that:


    thank you for your idea.

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    this is a crazy project – i love it! :)

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