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    I am having a problem with my Sony Dualshock 3 automatically timing out (shutting off) after a period of idle time. My understanding was that I would have to edit this file..


    and add the following two lines

    enable_timeout 1
    timeout_mins 10

    I have tried many different values under the timeout_mins variable, as well as removing and reinstalling the sixad service as well but have had no luck. Manual shutdown (holding the ps button for 10 seconds) works fine. If anyone is able to help with this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. The following are the entire contents of my /var/lib/sixad/profiles/default file.

    enable_leds 1
    enable_joystick 1
    enable_input 0
    enable_remote 0
    enable_rumble 1
    enable_timeout 1
    timeout_mins 10
    led_n_auto 1
    led_n_number 0
    led_anim 1
    enable_buttons 1
    enable_sbuttons 0
    enable_axis 1
    enable_accel 0
    enable_accon 0
    enable_speed 0
    enable_pos 0
    enable_safety_timeout 0

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