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    I work in medicine by trade. So I have no idea how elementary these questions are. So I thought I’d just ask anyway. Thanks in advance.

    1. Does a multi-system approach take anything away from the ARM(pi-specific) build of an executable (compiled or script, etc). As in, if we targetted Raspbian as the core system, the pi as the hardware, and built with literally every function being the absolute ideal for the pi, without consideration for any other system, would it be more efficient than if we take a broad approach and include portability?

    I ask because emulationstation has comments in the code that mention portability, and I feel like this type of code inherently creates inefficiency. again, I don’t know anything about programming, so it might be completely ignored when compiled, im just asking :)

    2. emulationstation doesn’t seem to have a forum for discussion, is there a way we could openly discuss improvements, could we fork ES to fit our needs? I am not a programmer, so “we” really means “you” :P

    from a design standpoint (I do pretend to be a designer) , the theme interpreter lacks a lot of basic functions I would like to see. Ultimately I’d like to see a ton of things, but basic functions like the ability to set attributes to header text, usage of the upper corner of an image instead of its individual 0x,0y point and the ability to define the menu font/color/pos/size/options within a theme file would be really nice.

    One of the things I feel is most important above all else is efficiency of the system on the pi, and you’re really kicking ass at that so far. Due to my limited understanding of programming, I have no idea if there is anything that can be improved

    The second most important is the idea that I can set this up with 2 controllers and maybe an apple-TV remote and hook it up to the TV and my grandma can use it without any issues for the rest of time.

    this is getting really long and chatty, so ill move to my 3rd question and move on with my day :P

    3. Is it possible to structure the emulators to default auto-save using save functions in the retro-pie default setup? Example: GameBoyColor games offer to save my game, blah blah, I shut down, re-start, load the game, and the save is gone. SNES does the same thing. I am sure this is an option somewhere, but I feel like it would add to the “just-works” flavor if this could be auto-set. (I also prefer ~/games/%system% for my roms, but this is not a necessary thing to complain about :D)

    tl;dr = I like this project.

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