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    I recently started using RetroPie on the Pi2 using the 2.6 SD card image and it worked extremely well.

    Some things I am still confused about after reading the available documentation:

    – What is the correct way to use the Setup script on the SD card image? How do I upload emulators (binary update vs source update vs individual updates) and what potentially gets overwritten? I have looked at most of the RetroPie-Setup script source just wanted to make sure what the “official” way for this is.

    – When using sselph’s external scraper the gamelists and images get stored in the roms subfolder for the system. My ES seems to use the files in ~/.emulationstation though. Is there any way to switch this?

    – Is there some kind of list that gives suggestions which emulators are currently “best” for each system? I tend to cling to the libretro cores since it makes configuring more streamlined but N64 works much better with mupen64 for me so far


    Post count: 56

    No ideas on this? Should I post the questions as seperate topics?

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    1.) Just start the setup and choose what you want to do. But beware, sometimes updating results in things not working properly anymore.

    2.) ES uses different places in a defined order to look for gamelists and artwork. I think rom folders come first. Just have a look at the ES docs.

    3.) Yep, seen this in another post some time ago. Take a search. I think for everything up to the PSX the libretro cores a just fine. They are for me!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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