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    The construction of the SNES Mini differs from the larger first gen. SNES. The controller port on the SNES Mini is part of the main board, the pins that connect with the controller cables are soldered directly to the main board, there are no ribbons or wires that can be disconnected to isolate the controller ports.

    With this in mind, please note that if you plan to wire a ControlBlock to a second Gen. SNES (SNES Mini), the controller ports will need to be “completely” separated from the SNES board. Controller wires from the ControlBlock must be connected to an SNES mini controller port that is isolated from the SNES main board.

    System Specs:

    – SNES (Mini) 2nd Gen. OEM Controllers
    – Raspberry Pi 2b
    – Retropie 3.5 (over clocked)
    – ControlBlock
    – Power (Boot up/down switch) Retains SNES switch
    – Blue LED (power on/off & system boot up/down status)
    – usb wifi dongle
    – usb wireless keyboard/dongle
    – rear I/O ports: USB data, 3.5mm barrel power, HDMI
    – custom power cable: USB to 3.5mm barrel
    – custom internal power cable: +/- leads to Micro USB

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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