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    I’ve been configuring MAME on my RetroPie and I’ve run into a controller problem I hope someone could help with.

    I’m using a USB SNES controller and trying to play a game like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Tempest where a spinner is used, if I use the normal SNES left and right on the pad, the things you are controlling on screen are way too fast or don’t work at all. If you use the left or right on your keyboard, they work just fine, or if I map the spinner to the shoulder buttons it works. (but this is only a solution for spinner games)

    Obviously I know it’s because I’m trying to use a D-Pad with an analog game, but why does it work just fine on the keyboard but not on the D-Pad?

    Is there any way to re-map or fix the analog settings so that my in-game characters don’t spin so fast? I’ve tried playing around with the controls inside MAME adjusting the analog settings but nothing works.

    This happens with pretty much any game that requires a trackball or spinner. Has anyone found a good work-around for this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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