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  • kaiju
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    Just installed retropie and am really enjoying in thus far. Truly appreciate all the work put into it.

    I’ve come here in hopes of answer. As the title states I have input lag from the controller. I haven’t been able to find much on the subject other than it’s the TV causing the issue.

    I am playing this through a newer 60in TV. I don’t know the complete settings of the television as it’s a work TV.

    These are the controllers I have.

    Basically I guess I am asking if anyone else has the same experience and if so is there a fix or is it truly the tv.

    Jason Whiteman
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    Not sure what you are experiencing – CPU sluggishness, video-stage “lag”, controller lag – or exactly what part of the experience time-chain is/are giving you the problem(s).

    Regarding KMS/DRM – as far as I can tell, there is an emerging driver is in development by Broadcom to enhance the performance as they, Broadcom, have a new asset in the form of an Intel former employee Eric Anholt. ETA for the driver is first half of 2015 as of today (source: article). Eric may quote something different.

    His blog is here:

    And I originally found out about his contribution potential by reading this article:

    Using a CRT is something that you can try using the composite out instead of HDMI while not at work. Although I have my doubts any differences will be seen.

    … not to say there isn’t existing KMS work. I would suggest you focus on Raspberry Pi sources as the link you provided focuses on Windows primarily. Presumably why you asked here – but there are existing Raspberry Pi discussions on the topic (insert search engine address here).


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    I would open your settings on the TV itself and look for a setting named “Game Mode” I have to turn this on both of my LED HD TV’s in order to get rid of my input lag. I use this setting on all consoles hooked up to my TV, not just the Pi.

    Here is an article that explains what the setting does:

    Most TV’s built within the past five years have a game mode setting.

    Good Luck!

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    Appreciate both responses. I will try the game mode first as it’s pretty darn easy to push a button. :)

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