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    I’m running the new 3.0 image. Everything is working great, emulators setup, roms moved, games play fine. I setup the Gamecon GPIO driver via the RetroPie setup script and everything works great… with one of my controllers. The other controller (a different brand) acts odd. Using the jstest the D-pad behaves fine. The start/select/shoulder buttons all behave. Here’s where it gets weird…

    The B button triggers both B and A at the same time
    The A button does a weird cycle thing where B registers, then B&A at the same time, then just A, then nothing… and if I hold A down it will cycle that sequence.

    Y and X show the same behavior respectively to each other.

    The controller that works looks just like this one
    YouTube video review
    except it’s branded “High Frequency”

    The one that shows the cycling behaviors is a “Gamerz Tek” – yeah, I know. It’s a cheapie.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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