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    I was playing around with the shaders setting trying to fine tune them for each system (at least the ones that can handle them without sacrificing performance) and I happened to stumble across this:

    The pages shows comparisons for shaders, be sure to specifically check the “Ours” link at the end of each list of shaders.

    I have to admit their’s looks quite good. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find anything to indicate one can actually obtain this shader, but I figured I would share it none-the-less…


    Good find. I’ve emailed the project members to see if they could provide that in the format that is usable in RetroArch.

    As a side note this tool may be useful in getting more shaders in a format that RetroArch likes:


    I don’t believe that the pi is fast enough for this shader. If we get a *.cg file we can give it a try.


    Its my guess that it might rely upon DirectX..

    Perhaps there methodology might lead to improvements in lower end shaders…

    I’m most impressed with what the space invaders became. The new look seems perfect…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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