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    Hi :-)

    Im new to this forum and to the retropie, so I hope this one is in the right forum, and that some can help me :-)

    I have a Rassberry Pi 2 Model B and a Keyrah V2.

    I run Retropie on it, and I have got my 2 old joysticks to work via the Keyrah in the C64 emulator :-)

    I have tried to get the 2 joysticks to work in the following emulators without any luck :-(
    Amstrad, Videopac, ZX Spectrum.

    How do I get the joysticks to work in all other emulators via the Keyrah ?
    I have tried with a USB joystick also but I can not get anything to work in the other emulators :-(

    I have seen and tried some of the different things that is written about on the GitHub page, but still nothing works :-(

    How and what do I do to get joysticks to work via the Keyrah in the other emlators ? :-)

    Also, how can it be that there is size limmits on the rom folders ?
    Fx when I will transfer romfiles to the c64 I get message that there is not enough space or something like this.

    Also, some roms I know is working, does nnot work in Retropie :-(

    I hope somone out there can tell/show me how to get things working with the Keyrah :-)

    Best Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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