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    Hi there
    I have recently ultimated my Bartop that is powered with Raspberry PI 2 and Retropie V3; for the control panel I’m using a Mini-pac interface with two sticks with sixs buttons each and other five buttons for different purpose.

    Without any attached keyboard, I can use emulation station, starts the emulators and play with them without problem (SNES, FB, PSX).

    The only thing I cannot do is to confirm the <OK> or <CANCEL> button when I try to setup the Emulator options just before starting the emulator; the setup used for example to configure one specific emulator per rom or the general video settings.
    For this purpose I have to plug a keyboard just to confirm with the “Enter” button.

    Do you have any hint on how to configure the Enter button for a device interface like a MINI-PAC?

    Thanks for your help
    First post here, I would like to thanks every person around this fantastic project.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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