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    Apologies for being a total novice and if this is covered somewhere already again apologies.

    I have been playing with Retropie for a week or so and was struggling to get the PS3 controller working wirelessly with my Bluetooth dongle.
    Last night I downloaded 3.4 and installed the image from scratch. Connected to the Wifi with my WiFi dongle ok, connected the Playstation 3 controlled via USB cable and setup the controller using the USB cable.
    I then exited retropie and ran the retropie_setup.sh script and then attempted the install pair Playstation 3 controller – The script installed at the end it stated connect via USB cable and press PS on the controller to complete setup. (I can’t remember the full screen that appeared apologies not helpful I know)
    Sadly the PS3 controller still doesn’t work wirelessly.

    Any ideas? I have a broadcom USB showing when I perform a lsusb command.
    Have I missed something
    Any help really appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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