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    Hi all,

    I have successfully set up two USB NES controllers to work with my system, they both work fully in the ROM select menu, and player 1’s controller works perfectly in game (including using select+start to exit back to emulationstation). The only problem i’m having is with the second player. It can play games, and the buttons all work properly, except that start and select do not work at all in games. I’m pretty sure when playing two player mario bros. 3, second player is able to pause the game when they’re playing, but it doesnt at all. Yet, in emulationstation, both controllers can bring up the start menu and the coding is identical for the two (other than changing the joypad index and the player number).

    Anyone have any ideas why it isnt working?

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    I’m having the exact same issue… and this is the only post I can find about it. I guess I’ll keep looking for a resolution.

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