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    Hi, I’m having a blast playing old ScummVM games on my RetroPie emulator and recently bought a Rii mini i8 keyboard+touchpad combo to use as a controller.

    There is a small problem with the Rii touchpad, however, in the fact that it is extremely slow. The touchpad does have two speed settings, but they change from an absolute crawl, which takes about 20 swipes to cover the whole width of the screen, to the less excruciating, but equally frustrating 10 swipes to cover the whole width. From what I understand this is the default speed for the Rii mini, and you can’t really change the speed.

    However, I found some posts which advise to increase the mouse pointer acceleration. They use either xset or xinput for this, but I see that they are not available in RetroPie.

    Is there any other way to modify the mouse speed or mouse acceleration in RetroPie, more specifically in ScummVM?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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