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    Hi there, I am really stuck. I have mapped one button to load a savestate and set automatic saving whenever i exit the emulator. The only problem is that they dont save/load from the same place, mainly because i can’t figure out how to set where it should automatically save… :/

    So how do i set the directory where it should auto save?

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    This should help you with those settings, but just ask if you need more help:

    If you dont specify a folder it will save in the systems roms folder.

    # Save all save states (*.state) to this directory.
    # This will be overridden by explicit command line options.
    # savestate_directory =
    # Automatically saves a savestate at the end of RetroArch's lifetime.
    # The path is $
    # RetroArch will automatically load any savestate with this path on startup if savestate_auto_load is set.
    savestate_auto_save = false
    savestate_auto_load = false
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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