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    Hi, I am using an Xbox 360 controller and it work straight off the install of RetroPie 2.4.2 (have not made any changes to the system configs or anything). This is GREAT!!! However I Have a couple controller related problems…

    Issue 1: PiSNES Controls

    I am using PiSNES to get better audio/video performance and I can’t figure out why my controller is not working at all? The buttons are all messed up.. I believe I have to edit snes9x.cfg in the pisnes directory, has anyone successfully changed this for the Xbox 360 controller?

    Issue 2: Save/Load States

    I cannot get save/load states working anywhere in any emulator with my Xbox360 controller, how can I fix this? Do I need to readd joystick settings to retroarch.cfg and specify the save/load action? Is the save/load states done differently in MAME/FBA?

    Issue 3: Exiting Emulators

    I cannot get GBA/Atari2600/MAME/FBA emulators to exit. I read somewhere that GBA might have a problem with the emulator itself handling shutdown so I might be out of luck.. Is this handled in the MAME configuration popup for this emulator?

    Issue 4: Not controller related… Has anyone got Capcom CPS games to work in the FBA emulator? I thought I did previously, but I tried copying over my CPS roms to the fba folder and none of them launch… Should they be in my MAME folder instead?


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    My videos answer most of your questions, check them out in my signature.

    The controller file for pisnes is here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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