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    Hey guys..
    i bought a broken Apple Imac G5 some time ago, the display was dead, and i couldnt find a cheap replacement, also i am not really a apple guy to be honest.. so i decided to do something with the case at least.

    I looked for a 16:10 / 17 inch Screen and found a nice Samsung 17″ Screen with pretty good contrast etc.

    So i ordered the screen and thought about projects that i could do inside the case, i remembered that a friend talked about Raspberry Pi some time ago, by accident i found out that some people emulate old consoles on their Raspberry, as soon as i saw that you could emulate NeoGeo, CPS2, etc. i thought, OK LETS DO IT!

    i started installing power supplies and do some of the wiring, find a nice arcade stick and aim for the look.

    It will be a black satin look with a aluminium brushed Raspberry Pi logo on the bottom front of the panel, and a passive LED power light on the top (gives it a retro neon light look).

    I use the Apple speakers with a Stereo Class-D amplifier, they should be nice for my use.

    The Raspberry Pi B+ has two heatsinks and a cooling fan that gets fresh air from the backside original air vent.

    The whole Station will only need one power cable on the original slot on the back.. and should be easy to carry around.

    Current progress can always be seen on my homepage:!secret/cjt5

    I will also post new Stuff as soon as the screen arrives and i have news for you.

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