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    I’ve run into a bit of a sticky problem. I’ve set up a custom es_systems entry for running all my arcade games from one menu item – they use a combination of lr-imame4all and lr-fba to launch. That’s fine so far, no problem, the games run and are perfectly playable.

    I’ve also got a per-game retroarch config for each game which sets up a shader, sets a custom viewport and then applies the appropriate bezel artwork as an overlay. This worked perfectly when I was using Retropie 3.0 Beta 2, but I’ve just done a fresh install of Beta 4 and it’s not working.

    I’ve had a look at /tmp/runcommand.log and it says that it “Could not append” the file, which looks like a Retroarch error message. Runcommand seems to be finding the file ok (they’re in the rom folder and named e.g. All of my Retroarch cores so far are set to use CEA-16 mode (1920×1080, 60Hz) and the Retroarch render res is Output.

    Does anyone have any ideas on why this might have stopped working?

    EDIT: I know that shaders and overlays are working generally, because I use them for other systems via the per-system retroarch.cfg files in the configs directory and they work fine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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