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    I installed retropie on my Raspberry Pi 2 B with Raspbian.
    Kodi runs directly from boot (I configured it so) and I want to exit from it and run emulationstation to play MAME games with PS3 controllers.

    If I exit Kodi directly (I don’t use LXDE so it exits directly to tty login page) and login to tty1 and exec “emulationstation” it works perfectly and I can play games and my PS3 controller works perfectly on pifba (I have not tested any other emulator).

    I want to automate this proccess to be able to use ssh to exit kodi and use emulationstation but when I use the following commands (which should work), emulationstation runs, PS3 controller works in emulationstation but not in the roms (roms runs but PS3 controller doesn’t work), so I have to reboot the system by ssh.
    Commands I tried were:

    nohup emulationstation
    screen -S test -d -m -c /dev/null -- sh -c 'emulationstation; exec $SHELL'

    So, anyone has a script or knows how to run emulationstation with controller support.


    No one?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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