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    Hi All

    Recently got my shiny new Pi2. Installed retropie 2.6 onto my sandisk 16gb ultra. All working so far but i have a couple of questions.

    1) I have a Dualshock3 PS3 pad connected via USB cable which works fine in games. Does it support rumble? i.e. I have been playing Resident Evil 1 Directors Cut (dual shock edition). Control works fine but there is no rumble from the pad.

    2) What’s the recommended Pi2 overclock. I have seen demo’s of people playing Mario 64. When I play the game however there is noticeable audio crackling and pops (I think my current oc is set to ‘modest’ with 128mb Vram set.)

    Thanks All.

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    I’m not at home right now, so I can’t look it up myself: AFAIK is OC-setting “pi2” the only one that makes sense for pi2, because the other are even “underpowered” for the pi2’s hardware.
    So if you use pi2 OC-Setting, at least Mario64 and Mariokart64 (Singleplayer) should work out of the box with mupen64plus. I’m still fine-tuning to make more games work smooth as in .

    Rumblesupport is a point I would be very interested too.

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    *Rumble support*

    You need to change the controls to analog in the retroarch gui to get rumble working.

    Obviously not all PSX games supported rumble so you need to make sure you have one that supports this.

    Tested on Resident Evil Dualshock and Gran turismo 2 Dualshock and works fine.

    quite subtle rumble but works (on PS3 controller wireless)

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